All about beautifying the interface on my Android telephone, and so I’m satisfied to document that I’ve simply come across one of the fine gear for livening up your wallpaper. All you need to do is move around!

Skyline, a reasonably new stay wallpaper app, grabs 3D terrain information from Mapbox for your actual place, so you can see what it looks like from high above anywhere you’re inside the world. Right here’s my home display screen setup, with Skyline, set to Yosemite countrywide park:

It also includes parallax effects so you can see more of the area when you unlock your phone, swipe through screens, or tilt your device in different directions. You can also set any location on the planet to get a different background and pan and zoom before you apply a new background.

Depending on where you point the app, the results can be breathtaking; I enjoyed looking for interesting landscapes by searching through the places listed in the r/earthporn subreddit.

If you enjoyed the overhead view live wallpapers that came with the Google Pixel 2 (which you can also install on your own Android device), you’ll want to give Skyline a go too. It’s certainly worth the $2 asking price for a world full of eye-candy. Grab it from Google Play.

Via – The Next Web


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