Facebook is now experimenting with private settings that apply to individual comments. This means that you may write a reply to a thread, however most effective pre-authorised individuals can see it. Here’s what it looks like:

facebook private comment

Clicking the padlock icon brings up the security settings. This has 4 alternatives: Friends and post owner, Friends only, Post owner and commenter only, Everyone!

From what we can tell, this is a small-scale test that’s only available to a handful of users. That’s a shame, because I can imagine this being beneficial for engagement.

From what we will tell, that is a small-scale test that is available to a few of users. That’s a shame, because i can believe this being useful for engagement.
On a hot new story, as an example, a person can be cautious of posting a comment, lest they get hold of abusive content.By ensuring the comment is simplest viewable by their friends only, this isn’t an issue.

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