It’s time to look again on Here are the top 5 technologies that ruled in 2017 as we settle into the winter season and getting warm in our beds, with visions of cryptocurrencies popping in our heads.

Right here, we’ve gathered numerous breakthroughs we had the privilege of reporting on in 2017, that we are hoping will encourage you to do remarkable things 2018.

1. Quantum Computers

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In 2017 IBM’s quantum systems performed simulations that had never been done earlier than. And the company’s researchers built a 50 qubit quantum system. we can’t wait to peer what they do in 2018.

A practical quantum computer is no longer the stuff of far future science fiction. IBM, Google, and Microsoft are all creating systems that will serve as prototypes for future machines of unimaginable power.

In China, we saw the first steps taken towards the internet of the future. Scientists were able to use quantum teleportation to send encrypted messages from our planet to a satellite in space.

As someone who remembers rotary phones, it’s spooky to live in a world where communication via quantum entanglement is a real thing.

2. Cars Can Drive Themselves

We spent half the year trying to predict when driverless cars would arrive and the other half pointing out they’d arrived.

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Arizona played host to an entire fleet of driverless cars that mingled with regular traffic. A shuttle in Vegas became the first freely available autonomous public transit and immediately got into an accident. Like most accidents, humans were at fault.

3. Researchers Spliced an Animated GIF into Live Bacteria

No, seriously, this happened. A group of researchers conducted a successful experiment to embed an animated GIF into the genes of live bacteria. Why? Because they could. Science!

4. Scientists Turned Bugs into Cyborgs

Ray Kurzweil predicts that humans will merge with technology within the next couple of decades. In 2017 a group of researchers merged computer chips with the brains of dragonfly. By hacking the insects they were able to use computers to gain mind control and “drive” them.

5. Google’s Pixel 2 Changes the Game

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Even before Google activated the dormant AI chip in its device (a sentence that sounds menacing in any context) the Pixel 2 was taking our breath away with its fantastic photos.

We spent hours upon hours gawking at its magnificent effects and startling quality. If Google’s Pixel 2 is a sign of things to come in digital photography, DSLR cameras are officially on notice. Though, it’ll take more than AI to kill DSLR.

Let us know what your favorite technology breakthroughs of 2017 were in the comments.


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