Fiverr is one of the biggest marketplaces you can use to sell your services or virtual goods online. The price for offerings or virtual goods available starts at $5. There are greater than 2 million terrific services offered on their site. Fiverr is the excellent place for those who want to earn money through imparting their specific services for an affordable charge.

One of my friend just joined Fiverr to be a freelancer & earn some money from home. After a while he was constantly asking “How Do I Increase My Sales On Fiverr?”. Now most people ask that questions and still are stuck with little or no apparent answer.

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Wish to increase it by a boost of 200% then this article would help you a lot.

There a number of reasons that could get in the way of you making sales so before I tell you How to increase your sales, I would like to highlight a few of these reasons.

4 Best Things Every Good Seller Should Have On Their Profile and There Gigs

So, If you uploaded that gig two weeks ago and still no sale? Its pretty simple, something isn’t proper. Its said that in case you want to make sales in the Fiverr market, treat it like a physical marketplace where you need to comfort a potential client to make him a customer. If you need to try this, address these troubles first.

1. Put A Profile Picture

Pretty Obvious, Right? It is said that we are moved by what we see. Most people would like to buy from a profile with a picture than one which is blank or uses the default Avatar. Make sure the profile picture is attractive and worth looking at.

I know not everybody is a Chris Brown or Miley Cyrus so that’s where Google comes in. Use Google to find attractive pictures and use them.

Careful not to use a celebrity picture or it would have an opposite effect. Have you ever wondered why customer care representatives are always so attractive? Its to get you to buy more and become a client. Same applies to Fiverr, an attractive cover photo would bring in a few extra sales.

2. Make The Gigs Self Explanatory

I was browsing thru through seo Gigs on fiverr and had two chose among of them. So Lets call them A and B. Gig A had a better title than Gig B but after I looked at the description of Gig A” Order my gig and i promise you full delivery.

Its an SEO gig for greater traffic”. But Gig B defined in details how he plans on optimizing pages, social presence, doing greater social bookmarking and stuff.

The vendor with Gig A may have higher provide, however his advertising was poor and there supplier with Gig B could make greater income. So begin nowadays and placed effort in making the gig descriptive enough.

3. Sell Both Yourself & The Gig

Its Okay to give assurance to the sellers by letting them know how good an expert you are in the field the gig is about.
After writing a good and explanatory description, you can end it with a self praising assurance. Keep it short and within 1 or 2 lines. Over doing this would make you seem desperate.


Killer Tips To Increase Your Sales by 200% on Fiverr To be Freelancer!

1. Know your Skills

Be well informed about your skill, and it will make it easier for you to pick a category appropriate for your services. For example, if you are good at creating motion graphics using Adobe After Effects, then you can create a gig offering a good intro video presentation to your clients. If you are good in SEO and you have the ability to rank any keyword in the Google search engine, then offer your gig services in the SEO category.

2. Getting Enough Traffic

To make sales you need traffic. And how do you get this? Well I would be handing out two tips that I personally use to get traffic to my gigs on fiverr.

Firstly, create a website for your gigs or fiverr profile. Ordinarily, this is suppose to be a hard and strenuous task, but with services like blogspot its been made so easy every kyle or Joe can do it.
Once you have done this, you can use that medium to promote your website URL on Facebook and Other Social Networks.

I prefer doing this to sharing direct link on social networks because the description box on social networks would not give you enough space to fully describe your gigs.

And further more, they may restrict your use of keywords. But with a blogspot website, you would not only get free traffic to your blog leading to your gigs on fiverr from Google but also be able to describe using images and even post links to previous work done, how cool is that?.

3. Creating A Female Profile

Sorry ladies, but research done by me has shown that female profile gets more visits and thus more sales.
You don’t have to be a lady to do this, just use a female American name and use Google to get a girls picture. This may seem unorthodox but it is a marketing strategy which when put into good use would bring a ferocious increase in your monthly sales.

4. Upload Attractive Images As Many As you Can

Some clients may not want to go through the trouble of reading your descriptive description about the gig.
I call them the “I buy what I see clients”. For such, the more attractive photos you have to describe you gig, the more sales you could make. So make sure your gig have at least three photos to describe it

5. Get into the Race with Others

“Get into the race with other”, I would like to say this because you don’t want to step back from the other when trying to impress the buyers while they post any request.

This is not more than just playing a mind game. However, it helps in making some quick sales for you. This method starts from sending offers to those buyers who requested for the services of the sellers. But sending offers wisely to only those buyers who will actually place the order is the whole game here.

Follow these steps below if you get confused;

Make money with fiverr

Clicking on the Buyer requests tab will lead you to the page where you will be able to see the requests placed by the buyers.

How get orders on fiverr

Sending offers to only those buyers who are willing to pay more than $5 is not crazy. It’s wise. You would be thinking that how it could be a wise strategy. But offering them the same service at the lower price as a complement would definitely convince them to place the order on your gig. I bet.

In the Last, Wrapping Up!

  • Be patient, Don’t give up on selling your gigs in Fiverr. Be patient and wait for the time you receive your first order. That’s when things will start happening.
  • Visit your Fiverr account regularly. You need to visit your account every day to stay active. Buyers don’t order inactive gig services.
  • No matter if you are just starting on Fiverr or you have already spent some time over there. These Tips & Strategies will help you maximize your revenue and get you the orders you desire.
  • Please note that don’t over do anything. Because it may result in the removal of your account. Whatsoever you do, make sure you do it wisely.

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